Puppies to Adolescent

Socialisation starts from the minute you bring your puppy home. Here at Fabulous Finn Dog Training we know how important it is to get it right that’s why we offer  a variety of packages from group classes to 1:1 training for a more personal approach. You will learn the fundamentals which you will take through your whole journey together.

Behavioural support

Dave has specialist knowledge to help you through what could seem like the most difficult time with your dog. He uses effective methods of training suited to your dog and you to help you achieve great results.

There will be an initial telephone consultation to discuss the packages and what is best suited to your needs and how we will progress.

Please get in contact now if you have any concerns about your dogs behaviour.

1:1 training

We know that group classes are not for everyone which is why we offer our 1:1 training service for those who would like to work on a specific skill or behaviour. These sessions are 1 hour long at our training field in Hertfordshire.


Scent work is suitable for dogs of all ages as it is a low impact activity and can be tailored to their individual capabilities. It’s also an awesome way of tiring out energetic breeds and young dogs mentally, which is often better than lots of physical exercise.

All our training has been carried out with the UK college of scent for dogs we hold the only accredited scent course qualification in the UK and we are very proud to say that our team have undergone these courses and are fully qualified city & guilds scent detection handlers and instructors.

Get in touch today to secure your place on the next course or to book 1:1 sessions with Dave.


Discover the world of tracking/mantrailing which is dog sport open to all breeds of any age. Your dog will use their amazing scent capabilities in order to find discarded objects along a track as well as a person who is lost of hiding.

Dave has trained all kinds of dogs from puppies all the way up to operational level.

Get in touch to find out more.


As well as all our group classes, we offer specific workshops offering a more specific training to different behaviours such as recall, loose lead walking and more.

Drop and Train

We have found that many people have been struggling to find time to train their dogs, especially if you are working 9-5.

We have a solution to your problem which means your dog doesn’t need to miss out.

Prices starting from £40, your dog will get the benefits of an hours training with one of our qualified trainers.

It could be from puppy socialisation up to just wanting your adult dog to have a bit more than just a walk.


We hold our in person training at Highfield Kennels, Hare Street Road, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, SG9 0AD. Here we have sole use of an enclosed field where we train come rain or shine. There are toilet facilities and tea/coffee served by our daughters during the breaks.


Our online classes are held via zoom.

Betty is a nervous aggressive GSD who has been part of the Wardell dog training group since the age of 4 months. The scent training sessions which Dave hosted were great, we were able to truly join a group of people and dogs fir the first time. Thank you for making amazing things happen

Kerry Robinson