Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Finn is a highly decorated retired police dog who worked for Hertfordshire Constabulary.

He is the inspiration for Fabulous Finn Dog Training.

In October 2016, Finn and his handler Dave Wardell confronted a youth who was suspected of being armed. Finn was stabbed in the chest and head and Dave injured his hand with a large knife. Finn required emergency surgery, but he returned to duty eleven weeks later.

The case received widespread media coverage and initiated a popular campaign to improve legal protection for animals in public service, resulting in a 2019 act of parliament known as “Finn’s Law”, which went into effect as law in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Finn and Dave continued with their animal welfare campaign and successfully achieved the tenfold increase to animal welfare legislation in the UK, know and Finns Law Part 2.

You may have also seen Finn and Dave on the TV programme Britain’s Got Talent, where they got through to the final.




Owner and founder of Fabulous Finn Dog Training. Dave was born and raised on a south London council estate where his love for dogs developed. The family dog, Jess – actually his father’s dog, and also a German  Shepherd – was a constant companion. As a small boy, Dave could often be found curled up with her at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for his father’s return home from work. From there he walked his neighbours dogs and spent time watching and observing them. Dogs soon became an extremely important part of Dave’s life. Giving him an escapism from day to day life.

Dave was inspired when he was 12 years old by a Police Dog handler and his dog that he met at an open day. This opened his eyes to the world of dogs. He then joined the Police and became a police dog handler and instructor for 14 years.

Dave is our Head Trainer who brings with him a wealth of operational experience and knowledge. He has been working with dogs for over 30 years, he is continuingly studying to further his knowledge and to keep up to date with modern training methods.

Dave has competed at a high level in numerous diciplines across the pet and professional dog training world.


Owner and founder of Fabulous Finn Dog Training. Gemma is the lead trainer bringing to you a wealth of knowledge to her classes.

Gemma was brought up in a house with lots of animals and has carried out extensive training herself in the dog training industry.

She heads the class training at our barn and also carries out 1:1 training for anyone who wants that extra attention or boost to a specific training.


Tia is the UK’s youngest online dog trainer. At only 10 years old she set up her ’25 tricks until Christmas’ Helping children learn knew tricks and increase their bond with their furry friends.

Tia has grown since then and now holds a live training session every Saturday morning with her best friend Harper the Frenchie across all our social media platforms (@k9Finn) you can also find her on Instagram @frenchie.harper.x

Tia has taken in her parents footsteps and has a real passion for animals and dog training. She watched seminars of her favourite behaviourists and enjoys learning about dogs, our relationships with them and how we can live alongside each other.

Tia will be holding kids activities at our training centre to better educate parents and their children how we should be around our dogs.


Jaymee is our in house photographer. You see her from time to time in the barn taking amazing photos of you and your dogs whilst you are training. These will be uploaded to our gallery where you will be able to purchase them.


As this is a family run training centre, we will introduce you to everyone. India is the next up and coming trainer. She enjoys teaching our dogs new tricks and you will see her at the training centre helping people and serving your teas and coffees.


Maxie was our eldest German Shepherd under Finn. She was destined to be a Police Dog but did quite have a enough time for her training. So rather than being rehomed  or the 7th time she stayed with us. She loves nothing better than to have big fat cuddles.


Harper is our rescue French Bulldog who we rehomed through Phoenix French Bulldog rescue. She loves to perform tricks with Tia.


Wanda is our newest member to the team. She is our working Border Collie and is by far the cheekiest of the team. She is currently working on her agility career.

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I met Dave and his daughter a few weeks when they came to meet my dog Mikey and help me with a couple of issues. The guidance that Dave gave me to discourage Mikey from eating ‘tasty’ dog mess on our walks has proved to be extremely helpful and something that I practice every time we are out. Mikey really took to Dave, but especially to his daughter Tia and I hope to see them both another time.

Debbie Brown