ONLINE Scent detection course



Turn your dog into a detection dog with our dog 4 week ONLINE Beginners Scent Detection Course. Train your dog to search like a professional by harnessing their natural hunting skills into a super fun game. Open to all dogs whether a pup or oldie. Take advantage of a wealth of experience of knowledge with a City & Guilds Scent Detection Instuctor and Handler and UK College Of Scent Dogs Ambassador.

Course Overview:

£100 course purchase + £20 additional ‘home kit’ cost (list of items needed will be supplied upon booking if you wish to purchase your own bits.)

Our online Scent Detection For Beginners course is designed to teach you:

– The theory of Scent Detection and the science of scent
– How to add a scent to your dogs ‘scent library’
– How to teach your dog a passive indication
– The foundations of searching systematically

Your first Zoom call will be Wednesday 10th April 2024 at a 6.30pm.


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