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Having been told a few years ago that my spaniel wouldn’t make it in the scent game because he wasn’t toy driven enough and was too food orientated (well, they do say that dogs are like their owners!) it was with quite a lot of trepidation and nerves that I made contact with Fabulous Finn Dog Training when I saw their scent classes advertised. During the very initial enquiries, Dave and Gemma put me at ease and explained that they use both food and toy rewards for training Scentwork and have had great success with both, so I bit the bullet and signed up and what can I say apart from Wow!

From the very first session Dave tailored the training to each individual dog and their needs, breaking the theory down into manageable bite sized chunks and setting realistic and achievable goals to work on at home before the next class. Each class is kept small, allowing Dave and the team to spend time with each team individually and give personalised advice and feedback.
When you leave the class after the hour is up you’re not left on your own until the following week. A Facebook group run by the trainers is a wealth of knowledge, with helpful tips and friendly advice coming from Dave, Gemma and also other students who have been through the same process as you have.
Fast forward 6 weeks and I have a very happy Spaniel who can successfully search for and locate gun oil and I am now working on honing his indication, again under the expert yet always friendly guidance of Dave.

Am I glad that I bit that bullet and signed up? Absolutely
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat
Would I recommend Fabulous Finn Dog Training? 100%

A fun, friendly, family run dog training school with the welfare of the dogs at the forefront of everything they do.

Thanks for everything guys 🙂

Sam & Jet